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Writing Exercise: The Painful Separation (Drama)

Two people in a significant place, such as a train station, saying a final goodbye. One person is walking away slowly, while the other stays behind looking heartbroken. The atmosphere is somber and filled with a sense of finality.


Introduction to the exercise and its purpose:

Part of a series of exercises designed to master the “Show, Don't Tell” technique in different literary genres, this exercise focuses on the drama genre. The goal is to show the pain and emotional intensity of a separation through the actions and reactions of the characters.


Two people are about to separate forever, forced by life circumstances. They are at a place that is meaningful to both of them, perhaps a train station or the entrance to a house.

Writing exercise:

Describe the moment of separation, focusing on the characters' behaviors and their interactions. Show pain and despair without overtly stating them.

Tips and development of the exercise:

Begin by describing the environment of the place of separation, with details that emphasize the sadness of the moment. Show how the two characters look into each other's eyes, trying to hold back tears. Describe gestures, such as a tight embrace, hands clasping tightly, and trembling voices. Illustrate the small details, such as the way one of the two tries to smile despite the pain and the loaded silence. End the scene with an image of one of the characters slowly walking away, leaving the other in a state of silent sadness.


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