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Writing Exercise: The Scientific Discovery (Sci-Fi)

A group of scientists in a space station, discovering something revolutionary. The environment is high-tech with monitors and equipment around. The scientists look surprised and excited, focused on the data displayed on the screens.


Introduction to the exercise and its purpose:

Part of a series of exercises designed to hone the “Show, Don't Tell” technique in different literary genres, this exercise is aimed at the science fiction genre. The goal is to show the wonder and tension of a scientific discovery through the actions and perceptions of the characters.


A group of scientists at a space station make a revolutionary discovery that could change the fate of humanity. The station's sterile environment and artificial lights create a surreal atmosphere.

Writing exercise:

Describe the moment of discovery, focusing on the scientists' reactions and the space station environment. Show wonder and tension without making them explicit.

Suggestions and development of the exercise:

Begin by describing the interior of the space station, with monitors flashing and machines humming. Show how the scientists work feverishly, their eyes fixed on the data scrolling on the screens. Describe the expressions of surprise and amazement, the excited whispers and quick hand movements. Illustrate technical details, such as the sound of keystrokes and the glow of screens. End with a moment of tension-filled silence, followed by a burst of exclamations as the discovery is confirmed.


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