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Writing Exercise: The First Meeting in the Park (Romance)

Two people meeting for the first time in a picturesque park during spring. The park is filled with blooming flowers and the sun filters through the trees. The couple looks at each other with shy smiles, surrounded by the beauty of nature.


Introduction to the exercise and its purpose:

Part of a series of exercises to hone the “Show, Don't Tell” technique in different literary genres, this exercise focuses on the romance genre, with the goal of showing the characters' attraction and emotion without making them explicit.


Two people meet for the first time in a park during a spring walk. The flowers are in full bloom and the air is scented with lavender and roses. Birds are singing softly in the trees.

Writing exercise:

Describe the first meeting between the two characters, focusing on their behaviors and interactions. Show mutual attraction without overtly stating it.

Tips and development of the exercise:

Begin by describing the environment of the park, with the sun filtering through the leaves and the flowers swaying slightly in the wind. Show how their gazes meet from afar, the way one of them slowly approaches with a shy smile. Describe small gestures, such as the accidental touch of hands and shared smiles. Illustrate the details, such as the blush on the cheeks and the play of glances. End the scene with a meaningful moment, such as a promise to see each other again or a walk together.


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