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Writing exercise: Philosophical discussion

Two friends walking in a park at sunset, engaged in a deep philosophical conversation. The park is serene with tall trees and a path leading into the distance. One friend looks thoughtful while the other gestures expressively.


Introduction to the exercise and its purpose:

The goal of this exercise is to develop the ability to write complex and deep dialogues in which characters discuss philosophical or existential issues.


Two friends meet again after years and begin a discussion on philosophical topics such as the meaning of life, freedom and destiny. The conversation takes place during a long evening walk.


Write the dialogue between the two friends, exploring their points of view and using the dialogue to reveal their personalities and life experiences.

Suggestions and exercise development:

Describe the setting of the walk, perhaps a park or a quiet street at sunset. Have the dialogue begin with a provocative question or statement. Alternate between moments of agreement and disagreement to keep the discussion lively. Use quotes or references to famous philosophers to enrich the dialogue. End the scene with a moment of shared reflection or a new open-ended question.


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