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Writing exercise: The group dialogue

A group of friends sitting around a table in a cozy living room, planning a trip together. The scene is lively with maps, travel guides, and a laptop on the table. Each friend has a distinct expression, showing enthusiasm, skepticism, and excitement.


Introduction to the exercise and its purpose:

The goal of this exercise is to train writers to handle dialogues involving multiple characters. Maintaining clarity and consistency in the voices of the various characters is essential.


A group of friends meet to discuss planning a trip together. Each member has different opinions and ideas about how to plan the trip.


Write a group dialogue scene in which the friends discuss the details of the trip. Make sure that each character has a distinctive voice and that the dialogue flows naturally.

Suggestions and exercise development:

Begin by describing the context of the meeting, which could be at one of the friends' homes or at a bar. Alternate the dialogues so as to give each character their own space to express themselves. Use interruptions, overlaps and jokes to make the conversation lively and realistic. Bring out conflicts and differences of opinion, and conclude with a joint decision or the promise of further discussion.


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