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Writing exercise: Conversation with a stranger

A traveler sitting on a train at night, talking to a mysterious stranger. The train has dim lighting and the background shows blurred scenery passing by the window. The traveler looks curious while the stranger appears enigmatic.


Introduction to the exercise and its purpose:

The goal of this exercise is to improve the ability to write dialogues between characters you do not know, focusing on building tension and curiosity through words.


A lone traveler takes a seat on an overnight train and finds himself chatting with a stranger sitting across from him. The conversation begins with simple pleasantries but soon moves to more personal and mysterious topics.

Writing Exercise:

Write down the dialogue between the two strangers. The conversation should gradually reveal interesting or mysterious details about each character, keeping the reader's curiosity alive.

Suggestions and development of the exercise:

Begin by describing the environment of the train, perhaps with the sound of the rails and the dim lights of the carriage. Have the dialogue begin with a casual greeting or comment. Use pauses and open-ended questions to slowly bring out information about each character. Insert hints of secrets or unexpected details to keep the tension high. End the scene by leaving an open question or mystery unresolved, enticing the reader to want to know more.


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