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Writing exercise: Intense interview

A journalist interviewing a famous person in a cozy café. The famous person looks intense and emotional while the journalist appears focused and probing. The café has a warm ambiance with soft lighting and background patrons.


Introduction to the exercise and its purpose:

The goal of this exercise is to develop the ability to write intense and engaging dialogue through the interview format, highlighting the character of the character being interviewed.


A journalist is interviewing a famous person about a controversial event. The interview quickly becomes intense and emotionally charged.


Write the interview scene, focusing on the journalist's pointed questions and the famous person's answers, which gradually reveal his or her true personality.

Tips and exercise development:

Begin by describing the interview setting, which can be a TV studio or a quiet café. Start the dialogue with general questions and then move on to more specific and provocative questions. Use body language and emotional reactions to add tension to the scene. Insert moments of pause or reflection to make the dialogue more dynamic. End the scene with an important revelation or response that leaves the reader hanging.


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