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Plot: Tera

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A striking image of a spherical object with a highly reflective surface, composed of numerous tiny hexagonal and pentagonal panels. The sphere is illuminated from one side, casting a warm orange glow that transitions into cooler tones of gray and black, reflecting a complex interplay of light and shadow. The background is dark, emphasizing the sphere's luminous and textured surface.

Literary Plot Genre: Science Fiction; Love | Time System3, Time X.5

Main characters

Dan is originally from the planet Caver and is the young captain of an interstellar vessel transporting captured slaves to the planet Adres I. His life is devoted to work, and his high earnings make him a rich and respected man. Dan dislikes his job but has no regrets: hundreds of years earlier the people of Adres I exterminated the people of Carver, torturing them and confining them to death camps.

Tera is a maiden of Adres I, a priestess with special and unique powers. Like the rest of the planet's population, she lives in hiding, seeking shelter from the vengeance of the Cavers.

Otus is the ruling prince of Nuba, the third inhabited planet in the Ora3 system. The prince pretends to be an ally of the Cavers but has expansionist aims and desires absolute power over the system.

The call to adventure

The vessel route between Adres I and Caver is stormed by space pirates. During a return voyage, Dan's ship is attacked and the crew is overwhelmed. Dan is imprisoned along with the slaves, among whom is Tera, captured on the last mission. The pirates transport them all the way to Nuba.

The conflict

In the planet's prisons Dan talks with some Carverian prisoners and discovers the truth: the pirates are soldiers of Otus who wants to destabilize the system. Nuba and Caver have been secretly allied. Nuba has helped Carver create a giant set-up: the slaughter of the Carverians carried out by the inhabitants of Adres I.

It is all a lie orchestrated by the two regimes to ensure free labor and a people who have no moral remorse. Dan is devastated by what he has discovered. His first desire is to deliver the truth to his people, warn them of the Otus plot, and free the Andressians from slavery.

The key

But how to make the injustices known? Dan can harness an amazing ability of Tera's: the girl is one of the few priestesses of her kind endowed with the power of persuasion. Through thought she can tame the will of others. The plan is crazy but could work: subdue the guards, re-enter Otus' palace, steal the secret plans and transmit them to Caver's command.

To accomplish this madness Dan and Tera free all the prisoners from the jails and engage in a battle unexpected by Otus's soldiers. When the rebels enter the archives of the royal palace they discover evidence of the plot orchestrated against the people of Caver.

The information is broadcast and spread to all planets in the Ora 3 system, triggering riots and uprisings among the populations. The rulers will be forced to admit guilt and seal a new alliance, of which Dan and Tera will be the guarantors.

The alternatives

Interventions in science fiction are very simple: one can intervene by working imaginatively on races, the structure of places, worlds, and cultures. Just empower the imagination. Also, it is easy to move the plot from a science fiction plane to a fantasy plane. You can also reinforce the “love” element by creating a romantic story between the main characters, or choose a more action plan, with battles and conflicts. These kinds of plots are perfect for designing sagas.


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