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Plot - Opaque Mirror

Movie poster featuring Edoardo, a distinguished middle-aged architect with sharp features and a thoughtful expression, and Maurizia, an elegant woman of noble descent, dressed in haute couture. They are set against a backdrop of Rome's elite urban landscape with modern buildings and fashionable districts. The atmosphere is mysterious and luxurious, with shadowy figures subtly included, hinting at hidden secrets. Text on the poster reads: 'Beneath the Surface: Uncover the hidden truths of Rome's elite

Literary plot genre: Drama, introspective | Rome, 2022

Main characters

Edoardo is a brilliant and happily married architect. He owns a firm that has built prestigious buildings all over the world. Maurizia is Edoardo's wife, of noble origins, in love with and devoted to her spouse. They live in the comforts that their status allows them, in contact with the best salons of wealthy Rome, among fashionable restaurants, luxury and dream vacations.

The call to adventure

By chance Edward discovers that his wife has a horrible opinion of him, which calls into question the idea he had of her. However, the message he has discovered is lucid, precise, and circumstantial. Edward keeps the secret to himself and begins to doubt his closest friends: perhaps they too are hiding their true opinion of him. He therefore hires an investigator to uncover the truth.

The conflict

Edward's instincts drive him to confront his wife and friends to expose their hypocrisy, but a doubt grows within him: what if Maurizia is right and he is really a mean, greedy person who only cares about his own gain? So he struggles with himself to restrain himself and not exasperate the situation. And as he gains the time it takes for the investigator to conclude his assignment, he wonders what kind of person he is.

The key

Thanks to the investigator's work, Edward has confirmation that he is a disliked person. Close and distant circles of acquaintances are unanimous in their judgment: he is a cynical, wicked, and cruel man. He is hated by all, yet he continues to lack this self-perception. It is the investigator himself who will make him realize how much his behaviors match the descriptions he has received.

Confronted with his own image Edward comes out of the closet revealing the truth to Maurizia and friends. He tries to justify himself and at the same time accuses others of hypocrisy, but with only one result: losing everyone and losing himself.


We are not always what we think we are, and others see us very differently. This is a very old theme in literature that lends itself to changes of all kinds: one can intervene in place, time, characters' professions... There is great freedom to maneuver. Also to be carefully considered is the choice of narrative voice, which can greatly influence this kind of storytelling.


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