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Plot - Suns Without Light

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Four railroad tracks divided by a platform extend into the night fog. Only the yellow lights of a few street lamps illuminate the vicinity while the background is lost in darkness.

Literary plot genre: drama | Paris - France, 2022

Main characters

François lives in the most degraded suburbs of Paris. He is a lonely man. He suffers from a rare disease that prevents him from exposing himself to the sun, which is why he is forced to live at night. He earns money by fighting in clandestine encounters, or by petty crime. He has no plans for the future, and his horizon ends with the rising of the sun. He has only one friendship, a young prostitute named Cloe. He meets with her every night at the end of the fighting. They talk about what it would be like to be able to see the day and travel in the direction of South America.

The call to adventure

Loneliness, life on the fringes of society, lived at night, slowly pushes François into a state of madness. Every night he is forced to live in violence: that of underground rings, that of dark alleys, that of organized crime. From the depths of his abyss he has never felt pity for the victims; he is too angry with life to care about the weakest. Until the moment when Cloe is killed over a few bucks.

The conflict

François would like to remain indifferent to the loss of his friend, but the pain he feels is too strong. Cloe's death transforms François from a bystander to a ransom-seeking avenger. He decides that he must give a higher meaning to his life, that he cannot just survive. The night becomes the stage for his exploits during which he clashes with criminals large and small, killing them. However, he cannot avoid coming to terms with his conscience.

The spiral of blood and violence pushes him into an alienated world inhabited by madness. Madness takes over and makes him the author of a massacre in a club frequented by a local boss.

The key

François does not seek redemption to his existence in the gratitude of the victims he saves, but only expresses his anger. He decides to die on the first day of summer after reaching the south coast of France at night. With the sun high, for the first time he sees the sea, the day, the beauty of light. She dives and swims out to sea in search of her destiny. But perhaps, the real star of this story is the dark suburbs that survive him, the good and the bad.

The alternatives

It is possible to modify the plot either by placing it in a different place or by changing the time of events. You can also intervene in the protagonist, his job, sex, relationships. Anyone with an extremely difficult, sometimes unique past is a good candidate for this plot. What is important is to maintain a situation of strong conflict with the outside world and the noir setting.


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