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Incipit: The Crossroads

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Black-and-white depiction of a street intersection with an image showing some shoes of passersby as they cross the pedestrian crosswalk.


Third person

Literary genre



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The sirens were far away, and with them the solution to unlocking the line of cars born of the pileup at the intersection. Some motorists were railing, others were honking their horns, but most had the lost look of those who knew they had no chance of getting out quickly. Instead, the expression of the pedestrians was different, smug in observing the misfortune of the poor people locked in their cabins. Impassive were the shopkeepers who were accustomed to the spectacle. A classic Monday morning was being staged among the downtown buildings. Then the explosion changed everything.

Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability to the creation of historical, nonfiction, psychological, dramatic or tension novels. Good adaptability for action or training stories.


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