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Incipit: Pleasure

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Dark, shiny, blue-hued hallway lit poorly with neon on the side.


Third person

Literary genre



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Sofia rings the doorbell. She looks around, hesitating. The door opens, an older woman with a bark face peers at her. “Are you the new one?” she asks. Sofia nods, clutching the briefcase with sewing tools. “I'm the seamstress.” The woman smiles and shows her yellow teeth. “The seamstress, sure.” She moves to the side and lets her in. Sofia walks down the hall. She hears laughter and moans mingling. Then a naked girl appears in front of her, crying as a man wearing only a military jacket reaches for her, grabs her by the arm and takes her back to the room. It is not the place she thought, it is not where she should be. She thinks so, but something hits her on the head and everything goes dark.

Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability to creating non-genre stories, thrillers, action. Good adaptability to science fiction, fantasy, post-apocalyptic or adventure novels. Mediocre adaptability to urban fantasy.


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