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Incipit: Antiques

interior of an antique dealer's store with old paintings on the walls, crystal chandeliers, ceramic table tops and old furniture.


Third person

Literary genre



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Remy's antique store had two storefronts overlooking Rue Mariette in the city center. It consisted of two rooms and a mezzanine. At the bottom, there was a large, dimly lit room, with cabinets and shelves placed along the walls and in the center cabinets and samovars, figurines and lamps, paintings and candle holders, and vases, cutlery, umbrella stands, linens, and all sorts of other antiques. A small door led to the backroom and a wide staircase went up to the mezzanine, the darkest and most mysterious place in the store. Everything on display had been collected by Remy over the course of a lifetime. Of each object he knew the story that had led him there, and for each one he had affection. That was why he could not accept parting with them over something as silly as old age.

Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability for creating non-genre stories.


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