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Incipit: The Beginning

A wide-angle scene of a Roman victory parade. In the foreground, a muscular middle-aged general with short brown hair stands in a chariot, pulled by six black stallions. He holds a blood-stained dagger high. Behind him, Roman legions display Caesar's insignia. The background is filled with thousands of cheering spectators, including women, men, children, and the elderly. The atmosphere blends celebratory fervor with the somber undertones of impending war.


First person

Literary genre



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They are huddled by the thousands waiting for my passage. There are women, men, children, old men. They wave their arms, shout victory, shout my name so loud that the gods are envious. My chariot drawn by three pairs of black stallions shines with glory, and my raised dagger still shows the blood of defeated barbarians. Behind me the legions display the insignia of Caesar. These are the days of rest, but the war has just begun.

Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability for historical, fantasy or adventure novels. Low adaptability for other genres.


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