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Incipit: Taro's Cave

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a man stands inside a cave, light falls from above on the rocks.


Third person

Literary genre



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To the north, ten days' ride past the last known border, the dark mouth of the Taro Cave opened. No one had ever seen it, and the only proof of its existence was contained in the Sacred Scroll that Sir Dunwon clutched in his hands. The prophecy was clear: whoever would reach the cave and defeat the Taro monster would gain immense fortunes. And Sir Dunwon's kingdom, decimated by the war against the vampires needed that fortune. But none of his best warriors had ever returned. And now that little boy, clad in skins, was showing up, asking for a chance in exchange for his daughter's hand.

Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability for fantasy, gothic, young adult or adventure novels. Low adaptability for other genres.


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