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Incipit: Stupid

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a girl turns her back, her face hidden by her hair, probably crying or sad. The scene takes place in a deserted exterior, perhaps an alley, the corner of a street, at night.


Third person

Literary genre



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She was first told she was stupid when she was six years old, and from then on she never stopped. The one who broke it off was her mother then, through imitation or malice, came her sisters' turn. Not a single day passed without her being humiliated. They insulted her with methodical constancy. At school during recess, at the playground as she tried to get on the swing, at the theater during the play. She became the fool to every villager, to every boy who passed her on the street or on the bus that took them to high school. Nancy was ugly, she was hunched and she was clumsy, but she was not stupid. And she could not cry. At eighteen, she decided it was time for a change.


Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability to creating mystery, non-genre, thriller, tension, drama stories. Excellent adaptability also for psychological or educational novels.


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