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Incipit: Newlyweds

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A bride at the altar, her back turned to her future husband, kneels and cries in a church. The groom, standing behind her, appears concerned and confused. A priest is visible in the background. The church is bathed in the colorful light from stained glass windows, highlighting the emotional intensity of the moment.


First person

Literary genre



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I hate him. I hate his red, huge nose with those two hairy holes. I hate it even more when he sticks his index finger in it to wipe it off. He disgusts me. I hate his skin that smells like fish, his huge belly, his fat hands. And the breath is vomitous. But the nose is what I hate the most. I can't look at his face, it's impossible for me. That's why I leave the light off when he wants to make love. So I don't have to look at my husband.


Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability to creating non-genre stories, thrillers, action. Good adaptability to science fiction, fantasy, post-apocalyptic or adventure novels. Mediocre adaptability to urban fantasy.


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