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Incipit: Awakenings

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A suspenseful and dramatic image of a closed, old door at the end of a long, narrow corridor within an old house. The corridor is dimly lit, with peeling wallpaper and creaky wooden floorboards, creating an eerie atmosphere. A faint light emerges from behind the slightly ajar door, casting shadows and enhancing the sense of mystery and foreboding that pervades the scene. This setting evokes anticipation and unease, hinting at the unknown that lies beyond the door.


Third person

Literary genre



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At seven o'clock Lucas called his little sister loudly, and, as he did every morning, she did not answer. The boy came out of his room and repeated the call, “Modì, get up! The Tirell wagon will be here soon. Let's not keep it waiting as usual.”

No one answered.

Lucas huffed and wondered when that little girl would grow up. He walked down the gallery that separated the two rooms and knocked on the door. No answer, unbelievable! If her mom and dad had still been alive she certainly would not have acted this way. He opened the door wide and what he saw left him stunned: Modì was not asleep, in fact she was wide awake, clinging to the sheet with both hands and her eyes fixed on a transparent, ethereal child floating in midair.


Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability for creating horror, gothic, bangsian, fantasy stories. Medium adaptability for psychological novels, thrillers, dramas.


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