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Incipit: Promontory

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A dramatic and realistic photograph of a small Sicilian village perched on a promontory at sunset. The scene illuminates the stone buildings with warm, golden light against long shadows. Surrounding the village is a barren plain, sparse and dry, with a distant haze softening the horizon. The dramatic sky, possibly with gathering storm clouds, adds intensity and mood to the image, highlighting the stark contrast between the weathered architecture and the desolate landscape around it. The vivid yet natural colors emphasize the harsh beauty of this isolated setting.


Third person

Literary genre



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From the top of the promontory they glimpsed the village's theory of rooftops. The houses supported each other, trying to cling to the back of the mountain, cohesive around the bell tower of St. Nicholas that emerged like a pin placed to pierce the sky. After so many years, they were home again.


Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability to creating non-genre stories, thrillers, action. Good adaptability to science fiction, fantasy, post-apocalyptic or adventure novels. Mediocre adaptability to urban fantasy.


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