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Incipit: Dailies

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dailies are folded and laid one on top of the other


First person

Literary genre



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For three years I saw him standing at the corner of Villenevue Street and Seventh Avenue. He arrived in the morning, around 7:30 a.m., and waited looking west toward the crystal skyscrapers in which the new sun was reflected. He was young and well dressed. He seemed to be waiting for someone. But he was just watching. As he stood there with his hands behind his back, I watched him from my office at the Daily Mirror. As time went on, someone had stopped to ask him if he needed anything, I suppose. Sometimes I noticed some policemen, too. But he always stood there, still, neat and tidy looking westward. One day I came down and asked him his story, making the biggest mistake of my life.


Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability to the creation of thriller stories, crime novels, tension novels, psychological, noir, courtroom detective stories. Medium or low adaptability for romance, fantasy or urban fantasy genres.


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