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Incipit: Parallelisms

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Steel door of an elevator in front of an empty space. The image is a photograph in which no person appears: an empty place with a closed elevator.


Third person

Literary genre



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During the elevator ride, the four colleagues did not exchange a word, as they did every morning. Abbie thought she should change jobs so she wouldn't end up like Jack; she was a sad, graying person. Blame the years spent working on the books. Instead, Lucy looked at Mary, too much makeup, too low-cut, too tight, too everything. Okay to be beautiful, but dressed like that she looked like a whore, she thought. Jack coughed and hoped to get out of that cage quickly: the blonde's scent was unbearable. Mary wondered if anyone had noticed her gold-colored wig; she could not bear to know that anyone was talking about her illness. On the forty-eighth floor, the doors opened and everyone went their separate ways.


Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability to creating stories of any kind.


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