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Incipit: P12k3

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A vivid 16:9 image depicting the lush, paradisiacal landscape of the planet P12k3, with its vibrant turquoise waters and deep blue skies. Graceful, humanoid inhabitants with gentle features are seen interacting peacefully in this serene setting. Subtle digital glitches and distortions are integrated into the landscape and skies, hinting that this idyllic view is merely a projection, and the true nature of P12k3 is a deceptive trap where the explorers are imprisoned in their minds by an unseen enemy.


First person

Literary genre



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P12k3 had been our last conquest, or so we thought. It was a small planet, identical to Mother Earth but even more beautiful. Green, lush, with turquoise waters and blue skies. The peoples who inhabited it were similar to us, but more graceful-looking, with gentle features and proportionate forms. They had surrendered at once, submitted to our military will and offered us the best of their world. It took us seven solar years to realize that everything around us was just a projection: we had been captured and imprisoned in our minds by an unknown enemy. P12k3 was a trap and we its prey.


Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability to the creation of science fiction or dystopian stories. Medium-low adaptability for other genres.

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