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Incipit: Pages of Life

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A touching scene in a library with Jenny Law, a wise-looking 60-year-old woman with short grey hair, standing amidst shelves brimming with books. The library, warmly lit, creates a serene and reflective atmosphere. Jenny is lighting a match, symbolizing the beginning of her final journey alongside the literary figures who have been her companions through life. The room evokes a sense of peaceful culmination, as Jenny contemplates her vast collection of books that spans genres, eras, and authors from Kafka to Follett.


First person

Literary genre



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Kafka, Wilde, Hemingway, Christie, Orwell, Woolf, Neruda--and a thousand others. Poets and writers. From every genre, every era, every creed and time. From Homer to Follett, all of them, bar none, had always been beside me. Loyal friends of yours truly Jenny Law, 60-year-old director of Lincon Library London. Thanks to them I had discovered the outer and inner worlds, had traveled to the boundaries of future and past time. And now that it was over for me, they would accompany me on this last journey as well. I lit a match and stood and watched.


Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability to creating non-genre stories, thrillers, action. Good adaptability to science fiction, fantasy, post-apocalyptic or adventure novels. Mediocre adaptability to urban fantasy.


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