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Incipit: Special guests

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Black and white image of a cemetery. You can see the outline of cemeteries and crosses, which in the backlight appear black, while the background is foggy.


Third person

Literary genre.



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Jimmy was a good-looking, serious young man with a secure job. Three characteristics that were uncommon in Carson Town taken one by one, let alone together. Yet, the girls did not show interest in him, or at least they did not show it. Blame it on his job as a mortician. A decent job, but one that no one appreciated. Still, it had so many advantages: it was well paid, it had a steady stream of income that certainly would not stop over time. And it was carried out in peace and quiet, almost always in the open air. Finally, as Jimmy liked to repeat, “Buried customers never come back to complain.” Until that night, at least.


Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability to creating horror, gothic, psychological novels, thrillers, fantasy stories.


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