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Incipit: Olivia Lamont

devine of crystal flasks are laid on a table. They contain perfumes, recognizable because they are amber in color. The photograph was taken against the light.


First person

Literary genre



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Soy wax, water and scented essences. I grew up among these ingredients, as did my mother and, before her, my grandmother. In my workshop I make scented candles. Small, large, round, square, tiny or very tall. Any shape or color. I have created kitchen fragrances based on cinnamon, coffee, apple pie and vanilla, and fruit ones that smell like orange, lemon, strawberries and cherries. And the more famous ones based on love and passion. I am Olivia Lamont, only child and last artisan in the family.


Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability for non-genre, romance novels. High-medium adaptability for other genres.


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