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Incipit: Maxine Biden

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Close-up image of a stream with troubled, swift, dangerous waters. The image is dark and conveys a feeling of danger.


Third person

Literary genre.



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Maxine Biden, age thirty-seven, a doctor, twice widowed, and wealthy through insurance and inheritances. Her favorite pastime was fishing, fly fishing of course. The Ardon River was the perfect place to practice: near her ranch, with clean, shallow, calm water. You need concentration for fly fishing, and pulse and good eyesight too, thought Officer O'Neil as he watched with binoculars. You have to know the prey, its tastes, what bait it prefers, how to move to get it to approach. Then it becomes a matter of timing, you have to pick the right moment. In the end, it is not much different from how you kill a consort.

Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability for the creation of crime novels, thrillers, hard-boiled, noir, tension, courtroom detective stories. Good adaptability for psychological thrillers.


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