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Incipit: The unspoken words

a couple embraced and from behind watches the sunset


Third person

Literary genre



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Aaron and Elijah rode the waves gliding over frothy crests. They crossed and passed each other, in a game that was theirs alone, far from the public, from outsiders, from those who would not understand and would judge. In the gold of the sunset the surfboards reflected amber colors. Behind them the white wakes drowned in the waves along with the fears. They brushed against each other, moved away and came close again. They chased each other and caught up. It was their way of making love, of telling each other I love you without speaking. But when they returned to shore, on the warm sand of Coral Beach, neither of them dared to show their feelings, as reserved strangers.

Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability to the creation of romance novels, young adult, new adult.


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