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Incipit: The Box

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A dramatic, emotionally charged photograph set in a dimly lit, sparsely furnished room. The focus is on a man's hand gently tracing three lines on a dusty cardboard box, symbolizing a caress to the past. As he carefully opens the box, the edge of a pink pinafore becomes visible, evoking a sudden, breathless response. The scene conveys a deep sense of nostalgia and the pain of remembrance, captured in a 35mm film style in a 16:9 format.


First person

Literary genre



4 of 5


The cardboard box has a dust coating on the lid. Two years have passed since I last touched her. Two years without her, without her laughter, without her voice. Two years that this empty house does nothing but remind me of her absence. With my fingertips I trace three lines on the surface, it is a caress to the past. I touch the edge of the lid, carefully opening it. I know what it contains, but when the pink pinafore appears I am out of breath and realize I am not ready.

Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability for creating dramatic, romance, judicial mystery or psychological thriller stories. Mediocre adaptability for detective or non-genre novels.


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