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Incipit: Lina Wertminder

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Students in a class shot from behind. In the foreground we see the backs of the first three students, in T-shirts, short hair, then blurred, in the background, the professor standing and the blackboard on the wall.


Third person

Literary genre



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Eighteen pumpkin heads. Young heads, certainly, but empty as pumpkins. From the elevated position of the chair, Professor Lina Wertminder observed the new class: distracted and equal, serially made. Poor Plato. Poor Socrates. What an incredible waste of gray matter. Would it be another year thrown away-or would he find a little genius this time?

Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability for creating non-genre stories, psychological, humorous, coming-of-age, young adult or adventure novels. Mediocre adaptability for thriller, drama, psychological thriller novels.


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