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Incipit: Interrogation

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Third - first person

Literary genre



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a dark corridor of a prison overlooked by two floors of cells, with doors made of iron bars.

“I don't love my job. I like flowers, you know? I would have liked to open a little store, just two windows, with vases filled with seasonal buds inside. I would have been there composing bouquets for birthdays or declarations of love. Actually no, for wedding anniversaries. They remind me of my mom and dad and their 60 years of marriage. But no, look where I ended up. I have to hunt for the worst human scum: thieves, murderers, torturers, bastards. Because of people like you I have to stay locked in a filthy cellar that smells of piss, watching you cry and bleed. You disgust me, I'm sick to my stomach. And I need fresh air, so hurry up: tell me where the baby is or I'm going to place this red-hot iron on your balls and leave.”

Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability for creating crime, detective, hard-boiled, noir, thriller, action novels. Mediocre adaptability for espionage, psychological thrillers.


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