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Characters: Exploring Conflict Management

A realistic, cinematic image in the style of a dramatic movie still, representing a character's conflict management skills. The background features a tense, detailed scene with elements symbolizing various aspects of conflict resolution such as negotiation, mediation, and compromise. The central figure is depicted in a realistic and expressive manner, interacting with these elements with a focused and determined expression. The overall atmosphere is highly detailed and evocative, capturing the intensity and complexity of managing conflicts effectively.


A character's conflict management is crucial in defining how he or she deals with situations of disagreement and tension. This characteristic is important because it reveals much about the character's ability to maintain positive relationships and solve problems. Conflict management modes can vary widely, from avoidance to cooperation.

This characteristic can be combined with others such as personality and emotional intelligence to create realistic and dynamic characters. In addition, different conflict management modes can generate tensions and interesting developments in the plot.


Variants of conflict management

  1. Avoidance

  2. Confrontation

  3. Compromise

  4. Collaboration

  5. Competition

  6. Negotiation

  7. Mediation

  8. Submission

  9. Dominance

  10. Patience

  11. Impulsiveness

  12. Diplomacy

  13. Aggressiveness

  14. Passiveness

  15. Assertiveness

  16. Manipulation

  17. Escape

  18. Resilience

  19. Reflexivity

  20. Immediacy


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