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Characters: Exploring Communicative Style

A Dadaist-style image representing a character's communicative style with soft colors. The background features an abstract, whimsical scene with elements symbolizing various communicative styles such as assertive, passive, and expressive. Icons like speech bubbles, abstract faces, and symbolic gestures are creatively integrated into the composition. The central figure is depicted in a dynamic, surreal manner, interacting with these symbols in a way that captures the diversity of communication. The overall aesthetic is unconventional and thought-provoking, with soft, pastel tones adding a gentle touch to the Dadaist elements.


A character's communicative style is essential in defining how they express their ideas, emotions, and intentions. This characteristic profoundly affects the character's interactions with others and can vary widely, from the direct communicator to the indirect communicator. Communicative style can reveal much about the character's personality and intentions.

This characteristic can be combined with others such as personality and emotional intelligence to create authentic and believable characters. In addition, different forms of communication can generate misunderstandings and conflicts, enriching the plot.

Variants of communication style

  1. Direct

  2. Indirect

  3. Assertive

  4. Passive

  5. Aggressive

  6. Persuasive

  7. Diplomatic

  8. Empathetic

  9. Concise

  10. Prolix

  11. Formal

  12. Informal

  13. Ironic

  14. Serious

  15. Supportive

  16. Critical

  17. Clear

  18. Vague

  19. Affable

  20. Detached

  21. Enthusiastic

  22. Apathetic

  23. Detailed

  24. Superficial

  25. Structured

  26. Spontaneous

  27. Reflective

  28. Impulsive

  29. Pacified

  30. Explosive

  31. Pacifist

  32. Provocative

  33. Reserved

  34. Expansive

  35. Didactic

  36. Narrative

  37. Expository

  38. Dramatic

  39. Minimalist

  40. Eccentric


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