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Characters: Exploring Reactions to Stress

A pencil and ink drawing representing a character's reactions to stress. The background features a detailed, monochromatic scene with elements symbolizing various reactions to stress such as anxiety, calmness, and resilience. Icons like a stormy cloud for anxiety, a peaceful wave for calmness, and a strong tree for resilience are integrated into the scene. The central figure is depicted interacting with these symbols in a realistic, expressive manner. The overall composition is intricate and evocative, capturing the complexity of stress responses.


A character's stress reactions are critical in defining how he or she copes with difficult situations and pressures. This characteristic is crucial to creating realistic and dynamic characters, as everyone at some point must deal with stress. Reactions to stress can vary widely, affecting the character's decisions and behavior.

This characteristic can be combined with others such as personality and emotional intelligence to develop complete and realistic characters. In addition, different stress reactions can generate interesting conflicts and dynamics among characters.


Variants of stress reactions

  1. Resilience

  2. Anxiety

  3. Panic

  4. Calm

  5. Rationality

  6. Irritability

  7. Escape

  8. Aggressiveness

  9. Introversion

  10. Proactivity

  11. Denial

  12. Optimism

  13. Pessimism

  14. Determination

  15. Resignation

  16. Emotional outbursts

  17. Emotional control

  18. Substance dependence

  19. Support seeking

  20. Self-pity

  21. Focusing on the problem

  22. Avoidance

  23. Direct coping

  24. Disorganization

  25. Planning

  26. Emotional outburst

  27. Time management

  28. Seeking creative solutions

  29. Isolation

  30. Collaboration with others


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