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Writing exercise: The inner dialogue

A person sitting alone in a quiet room, deep in thought. The setting is intimate with dim lighting, and the person appears contemplative, with a notebook and a cup of tea on a small table beside them.


Introduction to the exercise and its purpose:

This exercise aims to practice the skill of representing a character's inner dialogue. The goal is to show how the character's thoughts can be expressed in a fluid and coherent manner.


A character is about to make an important decision and is pondering all possible consequences.

Writing Exercise:

Write an inner dialogue scene in which the character weighs the pros and cons of the decision he must make. Use the inner dialogue to reveal his fears, hopes and inner conflicts.

Tips and development of the exercise:

Begin by describing the environment the character is in, even if it is only hinted at, to give context. Use short, fragmented sentences to represent confused and alternating thoughts. Insert rhetorical questions and personal reflections to deepen the character's character. Conclude with a decision made or lingering indecision, reflecting the complexity of the choice.


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