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Writing exercise: The chance meeting

Two old friends meeting in a park after many years. One friend looks hesitant and mysterious, while the other appears curious and excited. The setting is a sunny day in a park with green trees and a bench where they are seated.


This exercise focuses on the ability to create dialogue that builds tension and mystery. The goal is to use dialogue to suggest information without fully revealing it, while maintaining the reader's interest.


Two old friends meet casually after many years. One of them has an important secret that he cannot reveal openly.

Writing Exercise:

Write the dialogue between the two friends during their meeting. Bring out the tension and the unspoken through the conversation, suggesting the secret without making it explicit.

Suggestions and development of the exercise:

Begin by describing the meeting place, which could be a café or a park. Use elusive questions and answers to create a sense of mystery. Insert significant pauses and silences to highlight tension. Use body language and facial expressions to emphasize the unsaid. Conclude with an exchange that leaves the reader curious to find out more about the hidden secret.


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