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Writing exercise: The decisive race

A vibrant scene of a track race with several runners on the starting line. Sofia, an athlete, is in a starting position, her muscles tense and ready to sprint. The stadium is filled with a cheering crowd, and the atmosphere is charged with anticipation and determination as the runners prepare for the race.

Introduction to the writing exercise and its purpose:

This exercise aims to improve the “Show, Don't Tell” technique by describing participation in an important race without making explicit the protagonist's thoughts or emotions. The goal is to convey tension, determination and competition through visual and dynamic descriptions.


Sofia is on the track for the final 100-meter race, determined to win. The audience is in anticipation and the other competitors are ready at the starting line.


Recount the moments when Sofia is preparing and running the race, focusing on her movements, physical reactions and interactions with her surroundings.

Suggestions and exercise development:

Begin with a detailed description of the track, the waiting audience and the tense competitors. Illustrate how Sofia stretches her muscles, the sweat running down her forehead, and the way she positions herself at the starting line. Describe the gun firing that starts the race, Sofia's quick, determined steps, the sound of shoes on the track. Conclude with Sofia crossing the finish line, breathing heavily, hands on her knees, as the audience erupts in a roar of approval.


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