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Writing exercise: The clandestine meeting

A nighttime scene in a park, illuminated by dim street lamps. Marco and Elena meet secretly under a large tree. Marco is partially hidden in the shadows, looking around nervously, while Elena approaches quickly, slightly out of breath. Their hands are about to touch, and the atmosphere is filled with tension and secrecy.


Introduction to the exercise and its purpose:

This exercise aims to refine the “Show, Don't Tell” technique by describing a secret meeting scene between two characters without explicitly revealing their emotions. The goal is to convey tension, secrecy and the intensity of the moment through gestures, movements and the surroundings.


Marco and Elena meet secretly in a park, away from prying eyes. It is night, and the park is lit only by the dim light of street lamps.


Recount the moments when Marco and Elena meet, focusing on their movements, gestures and silent interactions. Show the tension and urgency of their meeting through visual and aural details.

Suggestions and exercise development:

Begin with a description of the environment: the dark park, the rustle of windblown leaves, the distant sound of traffic. Illustrate how Marco hides in the shade of a tree, looking around nervously. Describe Elena coming running in, her breathing labored, and how they stop within a few steps of each other. Show their hands touching, the uncertainty in their movements, Marco's quick glance toward the park exit. Conclude with the two of them walking away together, looking over their shoulders, hinting at the tension and danger that accompanies them.


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