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Plots - The Secret of the Dark Pyramid

A dramatic and realistic scene set in Ancient Egypt, captured in a 35mm f/1.4 photography style. It features Nebamun, an elderly scribe, and Hathor, a powerful warrior woman, confronting a corrupted general amidst an Egyptian backdrop. Nebamun holds a glowing talisman, central to their conflict, while towering pyramids and the scenic Nile banks enrich the historical ambiance. The intense expressions and dynamic poses of the characters convey a moment of high tension and resolve.

Plots - Noir, historical | Ancient Egypt

Main characters

The novel is set in Ancient Egypt, during the reign of Pharaoh Amenemhat III, known for his wisdom and construction of monumental pyramids and temples. The story follows the character of Nebamun, a skilled scribe in the service of the pharaoh, who is charged with solving the mysteries and crimes plaguing the kingdom. At his side is Hathor, a charming woman who is Pharaoh's lover and confidante.

The story begins by presenting daily life in Ancient Egypt, describing the political dynamics, social classes, and religious beliefs that dominated society at the time. Nebamun is a highly intelligent but elderly and ill man and hopes to spend his last years in his home on the banks of the Nile.

The call to adventure

Nebamun is summoned by Pharaoh to investigate a heinous and unexplained crime: the desecration of the Dark Pyramid, a newly completed sacred mausoleum consecrated to Pharaoh himself. The culprit killed the guards guarding it by eviscerating them and stealing an object of inestimable value and power: a legendary talisman capable of granting immortality to its owner.

Nebamun would like to refuse but cannot, so despite his exhaustion he sets to work. Soon he stumbles into an intricate maze of clues and suspicions, as he struggles with his own inner conflicts: the desire to solve the case and protect the kingdom, and the temptation to seize the talisman for himself and rid himself of the disease that leaves him breathless.

The conflict

Throughout the novel, Nebamun and Hathor must overcome in a series of challenges and obstacles that test their investigative skills and loyalty. For example, they must decipher ancient hieroglyphics to uncover the truth about the Dark Pyramid and foil sabotage attempts by occult enemies.

The climax of the story is reached when Nebamun and Hathor discover that the real culprit is a general corrupted by Pharaoh's own wife, who aim to use the power of the talisman to usurp his throne and establish a new religious order.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Nebamun and Hathor grows stronger, and he becomes like a father and mentor to her, who is instead a very powerful warrior.

The key

In the novel's finale, Nebamun and Hathor, supported by Pharaoh's troops, must confront the general and his soldiers, engaging in an epic battle to recover the talisman and protect the kingdom. In the course of the fight, Nebamun realizes that the true power of the talisman lies in the power it confers on the possessor, rather than in immortality. In fact, the general is about to gain the upper hand and is on the verge of killing Hathor when Nebamun manages to snatch the stone from him.

Although tempted, he decides to destroy the talisman, thus preventing anyone from abusing it and preserving the balance of the kingdom. Hathor, witnessing Nebamun's heroism, recognizes the value of integrity and loyalty to Pharaoh and the people.

The novel ends with the defeat of the general and his followers who are executed by Pharaoh Amenemhat III. His wife instead becomes a slave and sold.

Nebamun, is promoted to Pharaoh's advisor and allowed to retire to his villa on the Nile. Instead, Hathor will be the first woman to become a general.

Thus Nebamun learns to accept his illness, to resist the temptation of absolute power, in order to save the kingdom to which he is loyal. And for Hathor the old scribe becomes more than a parent, an example of wisdom and loyalty.


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