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Incipit: The Blossians

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First person




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Where I come from there are no elves, ogres, fairies or wizards. Those are the characters from fairy tales told to children to put them to sleep. My lands are inhabited by ordinary people, humans like me. Tireless workers who wake up every morning to hunt dragons or to cultivate Blossi, the plants of long life. For centuries, at every dawn, they have been repeating a ritual that is always the same. How do I know this? I know because I am one hundred and ten years old, and although I am so young I have already killed forty green dragons, the meanest. Why am I in your presence? To ask you for help: the Blossi are no longer growing and my people are being decimated. In less than a thousand years we will be gone.


High adaptability to creating fantasy, action, young adult stories. Low adaptability to other genres.


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