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Plots: Heart of Iron

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Adventure, historical | Lima, Peru 1800s

Cliffs, rocks, sand and sea

Main characters

The novel's main character is Alejandro, a 26-year-old young man living in the city of Lima, Peru, during the 1800s. Alejandro is an aspiring explorer who dreams of discovering ancient lost civilizations and hidden treasures in the remote Andean regions. His greatest fear is failing to realize his ambitions and being stuck in an ordinary life.

The antagonist, Commandant Ortega, is a ruthless Spanish officer who seeks to maintain control over Peruvian lands and exploit the country's riches. Other main characters include Rosa, Alejandro's sister and a gifted healer, and Mateo, a skilled archaeologist with a mysterious past.

The call to adventure

One day, while Alejandro is studying ancient maps and documents, he discovers a diary belonging to a missing explorer that indicates the existence of a lost city and treasure hidden deep in the Andes. Alejandro is convinced that he must follow these tracks and find the lost city, but Commander Ortega learns of the discovery and decides to claim the treasure for himself and the Spanish crown.

Alejandro is initially reluctant to act, fearing the consequences of crossing Comandante Ortega and endangering his family. However, after talking with Rosa and Mateo, Alejandro realizes that the discovery of the lost city could not only enrich his life but also bring positive change to his people and the country.

The Conflict

The heart of the novel follows Alejandro, Rosa, and Mateo on their journey through Peru, facing obstacles and challenges along the way. One of the challenges the group faces is crossing a series of dangerous mountain passes, where they must overcome landslides, avalanches, and extreme weather.

Another challenge is deciphering the clues left by the missing explorer, which will lead them to the lost city. The climax of the novel occurs when Alejandro and his group discover the lost city and the hidden treasure, but they realize that Commander Ortega and his troops have followed and surrounded them.

The Key

In the novel's finale, Alejandro and his group devise a cunning plan to fool Commander Ortega and his troops, using their knowledge of the lost city and its hidden traps to their advantage. While Ortega is distracted, the protagonists manage to recover the treasure and collapse part of the city, trapping the antagonist and his forces inside the ruins.

The twist occurs when it is revealed that Mateo is actually a direct descendant of the ancient rulers of the lost city and that his main goal was to protect the treasure and the secret of the city to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Alejandro, Rosa and Mateo decide to use the treasure to improve the lives of the people in their town.

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