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Biblioteca circolare

The inspiration you were looking for.

Hundreds of plots and incipits to write your next story. Thousands of alternatives.
✍️ Hundreds of plots and original ideas
✍️ Incipit for a new beginning
✍️ Every genre is present
✍️ A process to create alternatives
✍️ An extraordinary license



The Plots

Plots were written using a discursive formula that allows you to access the idea with a clear and editable vision of: characters, call, conflict, key and alternatives. Adapt the plot by creating thousands of alternatives. Follow the advice of the experts and add your voice and style: you will have a beautiful story.

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WriTribe's incipits were built to inspire a scene, the beginning of a chapter, or perhaps a story, or even a novel.

Each has a degree of adaptability to different literary genres, generally high to allow you to use them whatever your preference.

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open book


The Core

The narrative core is a literary subject constructed using the "Hero's Journey". Start from this seed, follow the steps, and adapt the story to your voice, your style, your genre.

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How To Do

Visit our blog.

Choose the tag or category that interests you and browse among the inspirations.

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