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Plot - The Organization

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Cold, sci-fi interiors of a large pedestrian gallery. Metal structures on the ceiling and aluminum cladding on the walls. Some passersby move far from the frame.

Science fiction

The main characters

The main character, Iris, is a skilled genetic engineer who works for a top-secret government organization that specializes in creating genetically modified living beings to perform special tasks. Iris is an intelligent and determined woman who, despite her success in her career, has always suspected that there is something wrong with the projects she works on and the intentions of the organization she works for.

The antagonist, Dr. Novak, is the director of the organization and Iris's mentor. He is a charismatic and ambitious man who is obsessed with shaping the future of humanity through genetic engineering. However, his ethically questionable actions and plans to experiment on humans endanger the lives of countless people.

Other main characters include Leo, a private investigator who joins Iris in her search for the truth; and Maya, a lab assistant who works closely with Iris and uncovers crucial information about the organization's true plans. Before the event that triggers the novel, Iris leads a seemingly normal life, with a successful career and a loving boyfriend. However, a growing sense of unease and curiosity drives her to investigate the secret activities of the organization and the possible consequences of her research.

The call to adventure

The event that compels Iris to act occurs when, during a late-night work session in the laboratory, she accidentally discovers a top-secret project concerning the creation of genetically modified humans designed to be used as living weapons. This revelation deeply shakes Iris, who realizes that the work to which she has devoted her life could have catastrophic consequences for humanity.

Initially, Iris is reluctant to act, fearing the possible repercussions and threats to her career and personal safety. However, when she meets Leo, the private investigator who is investigating the organization on behalf of an anonymous client, Iris realizes that she cannot ignore the truth and decides to join forces with Leo to expose Dr. Novak and his shady plans.

As Iris and Leo delve into the dark world of genetic engineering and government conspiracies, they face increasingly dangerous obstacles, including corrupt government agents, out-of-control genetically engineered creatures, and the growing paranoia that surrounds them. Despite all this, Iris is determined to do the right thing and protect the future of humanity from the consequences of her own creations.

The Conflict

At the heart of the novel, Iris and Leo face two significant challenges in their attempt to expose the truth behind Dr. Novak's project. The first challenge is to procure concrete evidence of the existence of the genetically modified humans and the organization's intentions. To do so, they must infiltrate a highly secured research complex and steal documents and DNA samples that prove their findings.

The second challenge is to convince the public and authorities of the reality of their findings, despite misinformation and the organization's efforts to discredit their claims. Iris and Leo must then find reliable and influential allies, including investigative journalists and honest government officials, to help them bring the truth to light.

The climax of the novel occurs when Iris and Leo discover that Dr. Novak is about to launch a large-scale operation to spread a substance that genetically alters all of humanity, according to his plans for global control. In a race against time, Iris and Leo must foil his plan and stop the spread of the substance while battling genetically modified creatures and human enemies that stand in their way.

The key to the plot

In the novel's finale, Iris and Leo manage to foil Dr. Novak's plan and stop the spread of the substance that would change all of humanity. However, during the final battle, Leo is severely injured and sacrifices himself so that Iris can destroy the lab and stop the organization for good.

The twist comes when, after the destruction of the lab, Iris discovers that the identity of the anonymous client who had hired Leo was actually her mother, a former scientist for the organization who had faked her own death years earlier to protect Iris and try to stop Dr. Novak from the inside. Iris' mother had orchestrated the meeting between Iris and Leo in the hope that together they could put an end to Dr. Novak's project.

The novel ends with Iris having foiled Novak's plan, but she is forced to live with the consequences of her actions and the burden of Leo's sacrifice. Moreover, although the organization has been dismantled, the fate of Iris' mother remains uncertain, leaving the reader in doubt as to what her true role in all this is and whether she acted for the good of humanity or for darker motives. This ambiguous ending opens up the possibility of further adventure and unraveling in Iris's world, where the distinction between good and evil is always blurred and uncertain.


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