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Plot - The Hidden Hotel

nighttime image in which the black silhouette of a building stands out, with a lighted sign at the top reading 'hotel'. In the background is the contrast with the dark blue sky.

Drama, mystery, dreamlike | USA

Main characters

[ Plot liberally inspired by the song Hotel California - Eagles ]

In the quiet town of Avalon, Jack Anderson, a young writer in search of inspiration, lives a lonely and ordinary life. Jack has a passion for mystery and the occult, which is reflected in his literary works. He is tormented by a deep inner restlessness and a constant search for meaning.

The antagonist, Sophia Reynolds, is an enigmatic and fascinating figure. She runs a decadent and isolated hotel called “The Hidden Hotel,” known only to a lucky few guests. The main characters also include Rachel, a young artist on the run from her past, and Thomas, a former policeman trying to forget his mistakes.

The call to adventure

One day, Jack receives a mysterious letter of invitation to stay at the Hidden Hotel. Intrigued and attracted by the aura of mystery surrounding him, he decides to accept the invitation. Arriving at the hotel, Jack finds himself caught up in a spiral of strange and disturbing events. Initially reluctant to believe the rumors about the hotel's true nature, Jack discovers that he cannot leave the building. He realizes that the hotel is a place of perdition, where its dark guests are trapped for eternity, doomed to repeat their sins.


Jack finds himself caught up in a series of dangerous and surreal events as he tries to unravel the secrets of the Hidden Hotel. He must confront ghostly visions, mental traps, and Sophia's sinister influence. One challenge involves overcoming his deepest fears and confronting his weaknesses.

The other challenge involves the discovery of an ancient forbidden book hidden in the hotel, which reveals the way to break the curse. The climax occurs when Jack manages to bring Rachel, Thomas and the other guests together to fight Sophia and free the hotel from her dark control.

The key to the plot

The ending surprises when it is revealed that Sophia had been a victim of the hotel, trapped in her own prison like the others. Jack, through his skill as a writer, is able to realize that the key to breaking free from the hotel lies in creating a literary work that tells the story of each guest and their actions, thus exposing their hidden shadows.

With the help of the other characters, Jack manages to complete his work and reveal the truth. The hotel dissolves, and each character has a chance to find redemption and face their past. Jack, Rachel, and Thomas emerge from their experience transformed and ready to embark on a new life full of hope and liberation from their torment


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