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Plot - The love that never dies

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an elderly couple is photographed from behind, looking out to sea while leaning against a seafront parapet. Around them are a few suitcases.

Love, romantic

The main characters

The elderly married couple who are the main characters in the story are named William and Mary. William is a former factory worker who spent most of his life working in factories, while Mary was a homemaker dedicated to her children and husband. Now, both are retired and live in a small town in Canada, far from their children who have decided to move to the city.

Despite their age, William and Mary still love each other very much. They spend their days together, walking in the woods or watching movies on TV. They are living proof that love is ageless and, when true, can last forever.

The call to adventure

One day, Mary falls ill and is hospitalized. William is wracked with grief and feels lost without her. Initially, he refuses to visit her in the hospital because he fears he will not make it to see the woman of his life in that condition. But then, the fear of losing her drives him to face the situation and reach the hospital. William struggles to accept Mary's illness and her presence in the hospital makes him feel out of place.

But through the strength of their love, he decides to face the situation and stay by her side. William's constant presence becomes a comfort to Mary and pushes her to face the illness with courage. William devotes himself completely to his wife, secretly bringing her favorite foods and reading poetry to her. But despite their efforts, Mary's health grows increasingly worse. William must face the reality that Mary may not make it. His fear of losing her haunts him, but he knows he must remain strong for her.


William is physically exhausted from the daily trips between home and the hospital. He also has to deal with the difficulty of communicating the situation to family and friends, who live far away. Their absence makes William feel even more lonely, as he has no one with whom to share his grief and concern for his wife, but Mary gives her husband a surprise: thanks to a nurse, she gives him a puppy, a female German shepherd.

William does not want to, it is a burden for him, but in his last words Mary asks him to take care of it.

When Mary diesWilliam finds himself alone and grief haunts him. Nor does the dog's presence become a source of comfort to him, quite the contrary.

The key to the plot

At the end of the story, William realizes that the dog, to which his wife had already placed a tag with Mary written on it, became a companion. Through her presence William finds the strength to move forward. Mary gives him the affection and companionship he misses so much, and allows him to rediscover the beauty of life. William understands that life goes on and must be lived to the fullest, and Mary will forever be with him.


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