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Plot - Cold Nights

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A realistic 16:9 color image from the drama "Cold Nights" set in a Swiss village. It depicts Isabella, an elderly woman with Alzheimer's, and Emma, her young nurse, examining an old photo album together in a cozy, dimly lit room. Isabella points to a photo with a thoughtful expression, which triggers her investigation into her husband's mysterious death, while Emma looks on supportively, ready to assist. The room's rustic Alpine decor underscores Isabella's long-standing connection to the village and the mountains, embodying a mix of tension and determination as they delve into the past.

Literary genre of the plot: drama | Switzerland

Main characters

The main character, Isabella, is an elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer's disease. She lives in a quiet Swiss village in the Alps, where she spends her days trying to maintain a routine to cope with her illness. Isabella is determined, intelligent and independent, but her fragile memory frightens her, causing her to fear losing the memories of her late husband, Carlo. Carlo was a kind and loving man who was passionate about mountains and photography.

The antagonist, Thomas, is the son of an old friend of Carlo's. He is an ambitious and unscrupulous man who, after discovering a secret about Carlo's past, tries to exploit it for his own interests. Thomas is outgoing, manipulative and charming, which allows him to gain the trust of the other villagers.

Another main character is Emma, a young nurse who assists Isabella. Emma is empathetic and protective of Isabella and will prove to be a key figure in the story.

The call to adventure

One day, as Isabella flips through an old photo album, she notices some strange details in the photos of the scene of the accident in which Charles lost his life. Her memory is hazy, but she senses that something is wrong and decides to investigate her husband's death, despite his illness.

Initially, Isabella rejects the idea of digging into the past because of her fear of further losing Carlo's memories and endangering her own mental health. However, with the encouragement of Emma, who promises to help and support her during the investigation, Isabella overcomes her fear and sets out to uncover the truth about her husband's death.

Together, Isabella and Emma begin to examine the circumstances of the accident, but they soon run into seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Thomas, having learned of Isabella's investigation, tries to get in her way by manipulating the other villagers.

The conflict

The story intensifies when Isabella and Emma face a series of challenges to uncover the truth. The first challenge involves gathering information: because of Isabella's illness, her perceptions are often distorted and her testimony may be unreliable. The pair must therefore rely on old photographs, documents, and witnesses from the village to reconstruct events.

The second challenge is posed by Thomas, who tries hard to obstruct the investigation. At one point, Thomas questions Isabella's sanity in the eyes of the other villagers, causing their trust in her to be compromised. The climax occurs when Isabella and Emma discover that Thomas had orchestrated Charles' death to avenge his own father's death years earlier in a mountain accident in which Charles was involved. Thomas had then made Carlo's death look like an accident to cover his tracks.

The key

In the novel's finale, Isabella confronts Thomas and reveals the truth to the entire village. Despite difficulties and manipulations, Isabella manages to bring out the truth, and Thomas is arrested for Carlo's murder. With Emma's help and Isabella's tenacity, the villagers recognize the injustice they have suffered and unite to support Isabella. The resolution of the story sees Isabella find a kind of peace, knowing that she has done justice for her beloved Carlo.

Her determination and courage in pursuing the truth, despite her illness, allow her to strengthen her bond with Emma and the other villagers. The most significant change in Isabella is her acceptance of her illness and rediscovery of her inner strength.

Although Alzheimer's will continue to progress, Isabella has learned to live in the present, to fight for what she believes in, and to appreciate the people who support her. Despite losing her husband, Isabella has found a new family in community and friendship with Emma, making her journey an experience of growth and rebirth.


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