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Plot - Summer Melody

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A realistic 16:9 color image from the story "Summer Melody" set in Estonia, depicting Toomas, a reserved conductor, and Siret, a vibrant veterinarian, standing together. Toomas, in formal conductor attire, holds a music score, while Siret, in casual veterinary clothing, gently holds a small dog. They are on a peaceful, tree-lined street leading to a quaint music school, symbolizing the convergence of their distinct worlds. The atmosphere is calm yet charged with the underlying tension of their developing love and the lurking conflict caused by jealousy.

Literary genre of the plot - Drama, Love | Estonia

Main characters

The main character of the novel is Toomas, a respected and talented Estonian musician living in his hometown. Toomas is an introverted and reserved man with a great love for classical music and an established career as a conductor.

Siret is the heroine of the story, an outgoing and sunny young woman who works as a veterinarian in the same Estonian town. Siret loves animals and nature, but has never had much interest in music.

Also introduced in the story is Liis, a student of Toomas who develops an infatuation with her talented teacher. Liis is an intelligent and ambitious girl who is willing to do anything to win Toomas' heart.

The call to adventure

Fate brings Toomas and Siret together when her dog, Argo, gets lost and ends up in the garden of the music school where Toomas teaches. Siret looks for him and arrives at the music school, where he meets Toomas for the first time. From that moment, the two begin to get to know each other and discover each other's worlds.

The conflict

The romance between Toomas and Siret slowly grows as the two learn to appreciate each other's interests and passions. Toomas introduces Siret to the beauty of classical music, while she shows him the value of loving animals and respecting nature.

The climax of the novel occurs when Liis, blinded by jealousy and frustration, decides to report Toomas to the police, accusing him of attempting to rape her. The news upsets both Toomas and Siret, seriously endangering their relationship and Toomas' reputation. Siret's parents cling to the girl and also denounce Toomas when he shows up at their home to ask for their daughter's hand in marriage.

The situation seems to come to a head.

The key

Fortunately, a surveillance camera located near the music school, where Liis claims the attempted rape took place, manages to clear Toomas of any suspicion. The footage clearly shows that Toomas was at the school and Liis never arrived at the building. Checking the cell phones shows how Liis was elsewhere and instead reveals the girl's true intentions.

Once the situation is clarified, Toomas and Siret can finally return to their love unhindered. Liis, realizing the consequences of her actions and the mistake she has made, decides to move away from the music school and try to change the course of her life, but is taken under arrest by the Police.

In the novel's ending, despite the difficulties encountered, the love between Toomas and Siret comes out stronger. The characters have changed from the beginning: Toomas has learned to value love and relationships more, while Siret has discovered the beauty of music and the depth of feelings.


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