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Plot - Blue Ocean

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Close-up of a terrified woman, shrouded in darkness, bringing her hands to her face.

Horror | Surthan, Pyrenees, 2022.

Main characters

Sandra Ray is a woman in her fifties who has retired to live on a boat. She leaves behind a career as a lawyer and a secret. Money, fame, and stress are something she has left behind. After several months of sailing solo around the seas she reaches Mueyea Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Albert Penol is a grizzled zoophile who studies turtles. Shy, hypochondriac, he hates people and has never been able to relate to anyone. He has left everything behind and has just arrived on the island of Mueyea to set up a research center and find the serenity he has been seeking.

The call to adventure

When Sandra reaches the small island she lands on the opposite coast from the center and therefore does not notice its existence. The same goes for Albert, who does not suspect the arrival of a guest. The night after Sandra docks, an extremely violent storm lashes the island, sinking the boat. The construction site of the research center is also hard hit. Sandra and Ray are convinced that they are alone, lost in one of the most remote places on the planet, with no means of communication and a priority to survive.

The conflict

The island is too small for the two not to meet, and when they do, past initial astonishment, the two detest each other from the first moment. She talkative, he taciturn. She expansive, he introverted. She super-organizing and eager, he slow and reflective. Despite the island's beautiful scenery, there is nothing to bring the two together, and during an argument they split the little island in half and begin to manage it as unfriendly neighbors.

The key to the plot

Nature sets no boundary to her actions, and the two characters have underestimated the monsoon season. Rain and wind lash the island, forcing the two to a thousand trials to find food, protect themselves, and medicate themselves. Exhausted by the situation, they come together and confide in one evening of confessions.

Each tells their story and why they have come there, what they seek and what they are fleeing from. They both know that it is necessary to join forces if they are to survive nature. And so it happens. Sandra and Ray are much more alike than first impressions led one to believe. Love blossoms and the rains end: now Mueyea really is the paradise they sought.


Characters, places and historical period are easily changed in this kind of story. However, it is necessary to find some cornerstones: a beautiful and almost inaccessible place, two characters who are different but share the need to isolate themselves from society, a situation that forces them to cooperate. With these cornerstones, hundreds of variations can be created.

Pay attention to point-of-view management: in this type of plot you can use an alternate view that devotes one chapter each to the main characters.


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