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Incipit: The Diamond

A diamond in the rough is photographed up close. It emerges from the black rock


Third person

Literary genre



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Jerry runs is out of breath, his legs don't seem to respond to commands anymore, but he can't give up, he has to keep running. Behind him, voices shout angrily. He knows he must leave the main road or they will catch him. He sees a corner, turns around it and is inside a dark alley. There is no light, better. He runs into the black and bumps something with his leg, stumbles and falls. He gets up, goes on, can't stop, but bumps into something massive. Groping, he feels what is before him: cold, damp bricks. It is a wall blocking him. He has no way out. Torches appear distant, about to arrive. He slips a hand into his pocket, grabs the diamond and swallows it.

Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability for creating fantasy, dystopian, nongenre, steampunk, historical, young adult, action, adventure stories. Medium adaptability for mystery, thriller, gothic novels.


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