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Incipit: Birthday

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Close-up of a tramp breed dog with long, blond hair and big blue eyes.


First person

Literary genre



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Jacqueline was the first: she accompanied Raimond from the time he was born until he was ten years old. She was always close to him, every night in his room, every day around the house or in the garden. Poor things, she died and he cried for a week. Then, Tobia came along. Unstoppable, energy and willing to play. Tobia and Raimond hit it off right away, like two kids with one thought: to have fun. Together they were happy, and Tobia gave my Raymond much more than I could have done alone. But he, too, died too soon. We buried him beside Jacquiline, under the big beech tree overlooking the hill to the east of our fields. Next week my Raimond will turn seventeen and he is alone again, stuck in his wheelchair, standing on the porch looking at who knows what. And he warned me, “Mom, for my birthday I don't want any more dogs.”

Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability to creating non-genre stories, romance, coming-of-age novels, young adult.


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