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How to Create Unforgettable Characters in 7 Steps

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Characters are the beating heart of any story. Creating memorable figures that resonate with readers is not just an art, it is almost a science that requires insight, empathy and attention to detail. In WriTribe you will find many insights on this topic, but here we want to give you a quick guide to get started. So follow these seven steps to bring unforgettable characters to life in your fiction, then, when I have time, read our manuals or watch the video courses.

1. Define the Character's Goal

Every character must have a clear goal. Whether it is a deep desire or an immediate need, this goal will guide all of his or her actions, influencing the plot and interactions with other characters. Consider what drives your character to wake up each morning; what is his ultimate ambition or worst fear?

2. Create a Rich Background

Your character's past is critical to understanding his motivations. Where did he grow up? What experiences did he go through? These details add depth and help readers make an emotional connection. Remember to also include less obvious aspects such as past relationships, traumas suffered or successes achieved that shaped his current personality.

3. Assign an Internal Conflict

Internal conflicts make characters more human. Inner struggle, moral dilemmas, or contradictory desires add complexity and tension to the narrative. A character may, for example, struggle between loyalty to a friend and the need to do what he or she believes is right.

4. Develop Meaningful Relationships

Relationships define characters. Friendships, rivalries, loves, and family ties show different facets of their character and influence their personal growth. Explore how these dynamics vary according to the situations your characters face and how these relationships contribute to their development.

5. Use Dialogues to Reveal Character

The way a character speaks can reveal a lot about him or her. Variations in language, dialects and idioms can indicate a character's background, education and personality. Through dialogue, you can also show how the character evolves, adapting his or her way of speaking to different circumstances or influences.

6. Show Change

A character who changes over the course of the story is intriguing. It shows how events and choices transform him, making his story arc believable and engaging. Not only big events, but even small moments can have a significant impact on his evolution.

7. Make Flaws Part of His Charm.

Flaws make characters unforgettable. Arrogance, insecurity, or even melancholy, if handled well, can make a character deeply human and extraordinarily charming. Show how these flaws can be both obstacles and springboards for the character, offering unique opportunities for empathy or dislike from readers.

By following these detailed steps, you can begin to create characters who not only enliven your story, but who stay with readers long after they turn the last page, living in their memories as true friends or foes.

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